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Slurricane shortfill e-liquid is a tropical fruit blend with an overall ripe taste.

At first, the juicy guava is present before being complemented by the fresh-tasting combination of peach and papaya for a sweet and sour flavour.

Grape Drank

Grape Drank shortfill e-liquid is a sweet and fruity soda blend with a balanced yet fizzy flavour.

The rich, dark taste of grape is ever present with the added sugary kick of candy and soda to enhance the taste.

Ez Duz It

Ez Duz It shortfill e-liquid is a juicy combination of ripe, fruit flavours.

On inhale, the fresh-tasting fragrance of strawberry is present before being complemented by the mellow undertones of tropical watermelon for a balanced vape.


Strizzy shortfill e-liquid by Ruthless is a fruit blend with sweet and sour notes and an overall fresh taste.

A raspberry flavour starts things off with a tart inhale, before a sweet kiwi and delicate strawberry creates a ripe taste for a layered fruit medley.

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever shortfill e-liquid is a tropical fruit blend with a tangy taste.

A sweet and sour combination of pineapple and mango on inhale gives this mix a juicy base, on exhale a fusion of citrus fruits creates a sharp finish.

Grape Drank On Ice

Grape Drank On Ice shortfill e-liquid is an ice cold variant of the bestselling Grape Drank blend.

On inhale a dark grape flavour with sweet and juicy notes, that’s complemented by a combo of soda and candy for a jolt of sugar, all topped off with a rolling wave of menthol.

Tropic Thunda

Tropic Thunda shortfill by Ruthless e-liquid is a fruit blend with smooth and sweet notes.

A mixed berry flavour gives this blend a punchy inhale with a juicy aftertaste, followed by a light guava that’s intensified with creamy notes for a rich finish.

Antidote On Ice

Antidote On Ice shortfill e-liquid is a distinctive fruity blend with an icy exhale.

A deeply sweet mango flavour on inhale gets things started, with a layer of blue raspberry adding a tart note; finally, an ice cold menthol flavour creates a cooling exhale.

Ez Duz It On Ice

Ez Duz It On Ice shortfill e-liquid is a fruit blend that’s a take on the classic Ez Duz It flavour.

A fruity inhale is made up of juicy strawberry and watermelon notes with a tart aftertaste, followed by an added menthol for a smooth and icy finish.

Swamp Thang

Swamp Thang shortfill by Ruthless e-liquid is a sweet and sour blend with a candied layer.

A green apple flavour on inhale provides a crisp and sugary base, followed by tangy notes further enhanced by a sour candy exhale

Skir Skirrr On Ice

Skir Skirr On Ice shortfill e-liquid is smooth fruit blend with a cool finish.

The green apple flavour on inhale is crisp with sweet and tart notes, blended with a hint of juicy honeydew melon. A menthol exhale ties it all together for an icy end.