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A vanilla cupcake by Vaper treats drizzled in sweet berries frosting, topped with sprinkles.

30ML Bottle
Nicotine: 25mg & 50Mg

Vaper Treats The Cupcake Man takes the taste of a cupcake and blend in succulent berries all topped with vanilla icing. This flavor is unlike anything you've ever tasted before and will certainly kick your sweet tooth to the curb in an instant.  

As you inhale Vaper Treats The Cupcake Man vape juice, the taste of cake that everyone loves will dance across your taste buds, teasing them with it's delicious flavor. Then, the taste combines with the cake flavor to send your taste buds spiraling. As you exhale, the taste of vanilla icing ties the entire vape juice together and will leave your tasting buds tingling with excitement. This vape juice is truly all you've been looking for. 

Vaper Treats makes all of their flavors with their customers in mind. With all of their vape juices you can tell that they took the time to make sure it was perfect before sending it to their customers. Vaper treats makes all of their vape juices with the highest quality of ingredients to insure that their customers have the best possible vaping experience 100% of the time.